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      Hi, I try for three weeks now to find a response to this question. I have been able to open 4000 images taken with a Nikon D300S from muséums with Lightroom 5. Suddenly, I have a thousand taken at the same time with the same camera that I cannot open. It is written "Preview unavailable for this file". I sent a few of them to Nikon. It seems that they are not corrupted. I can open them with other software including Capture NX from Nikon. Thanks for your help. These 1000 files represents a lot of work and fees. It is really important.

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Jean,


          Could you please let me know if you have used the Nikon Software to transfer the files from the Camera to your computer ?

          What is the exact version of Lightroom installed on the computer ?

          Which operating system are you working on , Windows or MAC ?

          Also the " Preview unavailable for this file " shows at the time of import ?




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            jean-paulb70051071 Level 1

            Hi Tanuj, Thank you for your response. 1. I didn't use the Nikon software to transfer. Around 5000 images have been stocked first on my laptop that has Something to welcome the SHHC card. I just cut and paste right away from the camera to the laptop. Only one thousand are not working. 2. lightroom 5.7, camera RAW 8.7

            3. Windows 10    4. Yes it happened during the import. I have never been able to see them with Lighroom.

            I really hope you will be able to find a solution. New York has been such a huge job. Thanks. Jean-Paul.


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