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    Transfering books from android tablet to Glo HD

    caroler71593347 Level 1

      I have an Xperia Tablet Z with the ADE app for android. I can download library books and read them via the ADE. I have connected my Glo HD to the tablet, the ADE recognised it and authorised it with the same Id as the tablet. I have transferred a book (which I can read on the table) from the tablet to the Kobo, but it says that it has been authorised by a different device. It gives me the opportunity to authorise the book with that "different device"'s Id, so I put in the Id of the tablet, but it still rejected this. What is going wrong? In the Kobo help pages they say that, for the Windows ADE it may be necessary to revert to the earlier 3.0 version of ADE to avoid this problem, but so far as I know there isn't an earlier version of the android app.