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    Zoom controls

    GEMSupport Level 1

      I some photos that are sharp and want to enlarge them for a photo book.  When I enlarge them using the navigator controls for example 1:4 and want that size to be permanent how do I do that.

      I can't seem to get it at the size I want and to make it permanent or even know if that is possible.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          The navigator in the upper left corner is just a zoom control for the viewer.


          To enlarge or shrink the files to be seen outside of Lightroom, you need to "export" your edits. The Export dialog will give you the option to change the pixel size of the images.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            Zoom controls are purely visual. They only change what you see on the computer screen. They do not change the size of your image. When you zoom larger you are seeing less pixels of the image on the screen. The PIXEL size of your image remains the same when you zoom to different ratios 1:1 4:1 etc, .

            Cropping an image does reduce the pixel size of an image that you export.


            For an image used in a book or print it needs to be of a PIXEL size that will give you the detail you want.

            So for a 10x8inch book you may want 200ppi (200 pixels per inch) so you would need a PIXEL dimension of 2000x1600px.

            You may want 300ppi for fine detail so your image needs to be 3000x2400px.


            If your image PIXEL size is small (eg, 800x600px) Then if would only be suitable for prints up to 4x3inches at 200ppi. Trying to print it at 10x8inches would look very poor at 80ppi.


            You can try to "Upscale" an image using software, or exporting from Lightroom at a larger pixel size, but you will not get detail quality when none exists in the image.