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    Code only works after a page reload in firefox 3

      I'm using Flash CS3, exporting for flash player 9 and having troubles with the code below only in Firefox 3 (flash player 9 or 10)

      In IE 6 & 7, all works OK.

      The code below should show small thumbnails of images. It does work on everything I tested except firefox 3. What is weird is that if I empty my cache and load the page online, it does not show any thumbnails or sometimes only one. However, if i reload the page without emptying my cache, it will then work perfectly.

      Here is my code (AS2 and XML)


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_001.jpg" image="gallery/001.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_01.jpg" image="gallery/01.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_002.jpg" image="gallery/002.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_003.jpg" image="gallery/003.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_004.jpg" image="gallery/004.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_04.jpg" image="gallery/04.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_005.jpg" image="gallery/005.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_006.jpg" image="gallery/006.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_007.jpg" image="gallery/007.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_08.jpg" image="gallery/08.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_09.jpg" image="gallery/09.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_10.jpg" image="gallery/10.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_11.jpg" image="gallery/11.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_12.jpg" image="gallery/12.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_013.jpg" image="gallery/013.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_15.jpg" image="gallery/15.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_16.jpg" image="gallery/16.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_17.jpg" image="gallery/17.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_18.jpg" image="gallery/18.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_19.jpg" image="gallery/19.jpg"></pic>
      <pic thumb="gallery/thumb_20.jpg" image="gallery/20.jpg"></pic>

      In the following code, the variable prefix is the base path to the client web site ie.