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    Text box not able to be seen on top of an image with no text wrap, arranged to be on top, on the top layer and working fine with all other images with text nearby or on top of image in this document PLEASE HELP

    jeanineb51955204 Level 1

      I have an InDesign Document with a handful of images and some text on top of or near the images. This should be so simple but for some reason I keep having this problem. There is no text wrap on the particular word and I am unable to place text  on top of one of the images. All of the settings for all of the images with this scenario are the same. I am fine with everything else but this one ...

      I do not see any hidden boxes or anything else for that matter. I recreated text boxes and still have the same problem It shows up then disappears or I can only get part of the word visible on the image then a + sign happens....This should work Please help. I have tried to recrete this particular image and word a handful of times its just not woking the text box sometimes adds a + sign that does not make sense I have tried different alignment of the text as well...Yes indeed HELP Please Thanks I can send a screen shot if that helps