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    Why is ID making invalid QR codes?


      So I am working with InDesign's data merge functions and that includes generating variable QR codes. The codes displayed in InDesign are wildly nonconforming to standrds. The data zone, which should be omprised of an orderly array of black and white squares of the same size neatly aligned to a grid, is instead comprised of black and white rectangles of variable proportions not aligned to a grid. Needless to say, they won't scan. I have spent hours rseaching this problem and found nothing.


      So imagine how pissed off I am upon pasting the code into Photosho, to generated a bitmap to upload here, to find that Photoshop displays a perfectly formed QR code!


      Turns out that you see nonsense unless display performance is set to HQ. What is most bizarre is one does not see a downsampled bitmap that would be a fuzzy image of a complaint barcode when not in HQ, instead one sees a razor sharp image of an incoherent barcode even when zoomed in close enough that the barcode fills my screen.


      And why didn't I figure this out sooner and instead assume it was a bug. Maybe because everything else related to data merge is so damn buggy. Does anybody else wish Adobe would do something with this complete disaster they call a feature set?


      Let's build up a list of what needfs to be fixed!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          QR is not supposed to be used on a screen. InDesign's QR is completely OK. No problem.


          But it sounds like you use CS6 on a high resolution display. But CS6 does not support it.


          BTW it is always important to name version of InDesign and used Operating System as the answer might be different with a different version or OS.