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    Cannot connect 'lost' file in AE


      I have a Premiere Pro project that contains a few AE comps in it.  I am using AE to add some animated text to the Premiere Pro timeline via Dynamic Link in AE.  One of the AE comps from the PP timeline is disconnected (color bars) in AE (though it is just fine in PP).  When I right-click and try to reconnect it says:


      no file found at "c:/users...." and gives the path where the file is.  I have checked, the file is there. 


      Again, the AE comp plays just fine in the PP timeline when in PP, it only 'breaks' when taken back into AE. (There are other AE comps that work just fine, so I don't think it's round-tripping thats the issue. Also, the AE comp stays broken when re-dynamic linked in PP.  i.e. if I take the AE comp with the PP timeline and broken AE comp in it back into PP and add it to a new timeline, the AE comp remains color-bar broken.



      PPro: 9.0.0