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    Develop Module/ Camera Camera Calibration OFF/ EOS 5ds




      On my quest for a useable dng-profile for use with my Canon 5Ds, I tried everything from tweaking default profiles with the adobe dng profile editor, to creating custom profiles with a color checker passport. I was never happy with the results. Finally ended up disabling the whole "Camera Calibration Tab". With seemingly good results. All I have to adjust now is brightness and contrast & apply lens corrections.


      What I would like to know:


      1. "What exactly happens if I choose to switch the camera calibration module off? How does LR interpret the raw data?"


      I get that I disable the dng profiles.

      I also understand that override hue, saturation and tint settings.


      But I also wonder:


      2. "Is there some kind of curve being applied?"

      3. "Is process 2012 (Current) being applied by default?


      Nobody seems to think that switching this module off is an option.

      I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


      Thank you very much & all the best,