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    Webcam recommendations?

    molinus56 Level 1

      I am sooooo excited about this software.  I have an older Mac Pro running Yosemite, but no webcam.

      Any recommendations for a webcam that works well with Character Animator?

      Here is a link to one I have my eye on: HD Webcam C615 Fold-and-go

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          MeredithY Adobe Employee



          I asked the team for some suggestions and heard back with two recommendations:


          HP HD4310 and Logitech c920

          Another user of the Logitech pointed out that while it does work on both Mac & Win,
          it's not a good audio device, so it's best for users with a proper USB headset or


          If I hear back with more recommendations I'll be sure to post the list on the forum.




          Meredith, for the Ch Team

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            Uli Grimm Level 1

            Hi everybody


            I would like to raise the question again.


            I am also interested in any webcam recommendations for character animator (mac pro, 10.10.5).

            Logitech seems to be very week on audio and comparing the c920 and the c930e I would be interested in the "angle-questioin".

            Is a wider or a more narrow angle better for CA ?

            What would be the "ultimate" webcam?





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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              For all the tutorial videos and cartoons I've done, I've simply used the built in Macbook Pro webcam and a separate CAD u37 USB mic. That has worked great for me.


              I haven't tried different angles/lenses, but as long as it's not a super low end crappy webcam, you should be in good shape. It's more about how big and well lit your face is - you can press ~ when your Cam & Mic window is selected to see how the tracking dots look on your face. I find with poor lighting - or if I'm wearing a hat - the results are poorer, particularly picking up the eyebrows and eyes. For the livestreams I usually shine a light at my face.


              Hope that helps!

              Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.35.25 AM.png

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                Uli Grimm Level 1



                Many thanks for your reply.


                This morning I bought a Logitech C920 and it seems to work. (I am glad I bought the one with the narrower angle because it is still very wide...)

                There is still a bit latency between camera and character but this is something that can be handled by training.

                (Latency not appearing in Quicktime Player "Rec Movie")


                On the other side I think the position of the camera and light is very important as you wrote.

                I also think of giving myself some make-up for the eyebrows because they are not recognized well.


                In all I have the impression it is already more than a nice toy but still there is some work to be done on the software-side to make it more "accurate" and faster (more pro).

                I will play around with it now...




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                  rendertank Level 1

                  Does the audio work on the C920 in Character Animator?