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    Cross Domain Help

    socalfish-fDJTBM Level 1
      We are using AS2 and connectint to a Web Service on DomainB.com. When tested within the same Domain all the data is stored correctly but when I deploy the FLash files to another DomainA then all stops working. I have read and tried the crossdomain.xml file as well as other things. This whole issue with security and cross domains is confusing to me. Currently I have a test file on DomainA. I load into a MovieClip another Flash file on DomainB. DomainB flash file calls the script to write the data. DomainB flash file is located in the same Domain as my script. I thought this would work sense I am not calling the script directly from DomainA but it doesn't. ANY help to straighen me out and understand this security issue problem is greatly appreciated.