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    KarenOsh Level 1
      I have a dreamweaver full site template that I just purchased and I would like to bring into Contribute to create new pages on a site that I have already published but I do not know how to do this. Thank you
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          Is this a dreamweaver TEMPLATE with a .dwt file extension, or is it a
          premade design?

          Is there a dreamweaver user, or are there only Contribute users?

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            KarenOsh Level 1
            It is a premade design but it is in MANY pieces
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              KarenOsh Level 1
              Also I only have Contribute CS4
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                > It is a premade design but it is in MANY pieces

                Is it a .dwt dreamweaver capital T Template?

                Or just a premade design?

                Second question- do you want it to be a capital T Template for this site?
                Meaning you could base new pages off of it? And only be able to edit inside
                of defined Editable Regions in Contribute?
                Also meaning that a Dreamweaver user could apply this as a Template to all
                the pages in the site, and if later you wanted to modify something in a
                locked area, it could be done to all pages at once in dreamweaver?

                Can you open the page in a browser?
                If yes- then i think the workflow would be to open the local page in a
                browser, hit the "edit in contribute" menu item in the browser, then Save as
                Draft to this site?

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                  ThinkInk Level 2
                  Hi KarenOsh,
                  When you say it's in many peaces, do you mean the images, etc., but do you have one html file?
                  Please post the code of the template (that html file), so we can see what you could do to use it as a .dwt template for Contribute.
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                    KarenOsh Level 1
                    This actually has 7 html files for the different pages. I have never used templates but had designed my pages using contribute so this is confusing. They will open in the firefox browser but I can not find the edit in contribute button. I did find it listed under add on-s and it is enabled. I just updated to CS4 from 4. I am trying to help an artist friend put up a web page as a favor and I reallly appreciate your help.
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                      Opening a page for editing that is on your computer

                      You can use Contribute to edit pages that aren't on a website you've
                      connected to; you can open an HTML page saved on your computer and make your
                      edits. The experience is similar to using Notepad or TextEdit, but it has
                      the ease of use and functionality of Contribute.

                      For example, suppose you receive an HTML page in e-mail that you need to
                      edit for a coworker. Even if the page isn't associated with a website you've
                      connected to, you can save the page to your computer, open and edit the page
                      in Contribute, and return it to your coworker.

                      Note: Do not create a connection to your local drive. If you do, Contribute
                      treats files saved on your computer as files on a website, and the Direct
                      Edit feature does not work properly.

                      To edit a web page that is on your computer:

                      1. In the Contribute browser or editor, select File > Open.

                      The Open dialog box appears.

                      Note: You cannot use this feature to open and edit TXT files saved on your
                      2. Navigate to and select the file you want to edit, and then click Open.

                      The page opens as a draft in the Contribute editor; the toolbar contains
                      Save and Close buttons instead of Publish and Cancel buttons.

                      **I'm not familar with how to put that local page into a site- but as a
                      rough guess, I'd open the local page, then create a new page on the site,
                      then copy/paste all from one to the other.

                      It would be a 30 second thing in dreamweaver, just put the files into the
                      Local Site folder and upload them.. Dreamweaver would be needed to turn the
                      page into a Template and define editable areas also.
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