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    Flex 3 And Section 508 Compliance

      Hey guys,

      We are developing a new RIA that has pretty complex screens, navigation system, modal modules loading on top of others, detailed interaction with grids, trees, etc. and a requirement for making it 508 compliant has come across my desk.

      I've done a bit of research on what Adobe has to offer on their compliance. The components look to be compliant, but from what I can tell the compliance works best on simple forms and screens that don't require a great deal of complexity. I'm also having trouble finding real world examples of people who have developed complex RIAs in Flex made for 508 compliance.

      Silverlight is also being evaluated, and I'm not sure if they are any better when it comes to the complexity of a deep RIA.

      Does anyone here have any experience developing for 508 in Flex, and if so can you shed some light on what challenges a developer might face, or any short comings of Flex that would prevent it from conforming to 508?

      I'd also appreciate any RIAs anyone can point me to that are 508 compliant, they seem to be few and far, even the ones listed at Adobe, most are broken links or no longer available.