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    Can the Badge run from a CD?

    markdemich Level 1
      Here's my problem. I need to deploy an air app on a CD. I also need to assume the user has no internet connection. In a perfect world here is what I want the user experience to be.

      1. User inserts the CD.
      2. A windows is automatically displayed that allows the user to install the app if it's not installed already.
      3. If the app is installed already, the app just starts automatically, or a window comes up with something to click on to start the app.

      I need this to work on both a mac and pc.

      It sounds like you can do this with a custom Badge swf, but from what I read, the Badge swf needs to be on a web page that has internet access because it use air.swf from the Adobe site.

      Does anyone know if something can be done like this when deploying your app from a CD?

      Any alternate ideas of a user experience are also invited. The idea is that I have to assume the users are clueless, after all, they don't have an internet connection, so I need to make this as simple as possible.