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    Batching for Videos possible?


      Hello Community,


      hope you could help me with my problem. I am using Photoshop CS 6 extended on Windows 7.

      I am trying to figure out how all videos in one folder can be opened in Photoshop in its frames, then a predefined action will be done.

      For pics it is easy using the load in stack option but is this possible too for videos to load with all frames?

      Further the work volume of Photoshop will be extended, although I set the possibly RAM to the highest.

      So is there a way to close Photoshop completely to reset the RAM of it in an action or before the next video is loaded in PS?


      I am doing it now with each video manually load up in its frames and then let the action run and repeat the process but there has to be a automated solution hopefully.


      Hope you know an answer! Thanks for all support!


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          Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I think your best bet would be Photoshop Scripting. I am going to move this discussion there for you.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            wildjaguar wrote:


            Hello Community,


            I am trying to figure out how all videos in one folder can be opened in Photoshop in its frames

            If you want to make each layer for every frame in a video you can easily crash Photoshop. Photoshop only support up to 8,000 layers. That is less then 4.5 minutes of 30FPS video. IMO if you want to process videos you should use Adobe applications designed for video After effects and premier Pro.  Photoshop can only do some basic video edition  like trimming, splicing, transitions and adding additional audio track.

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