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    cfdirectory DateLastModified format

      ColdFusion MX7
      Windows Server 2003

      When doing a cfdirectory to get a file listing, the format of the DateLastModified does not seem to change when the server regional settings are modified or the "SetLocale" in CF.

      Our files are showing in the following format: DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS
      I've set the regional settings on the server to be English (US)
      I've set the "locale"in CF to be English (US)
      I've restarted the CF server and outputting DateLastModified, still shows in the same format rather than MM/DD/YY?

      Anyone have any ideas?
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          Fetch Level 1
          Were the regional settings or the locale set to something other than English (US) when you first noticed the problem? Have you rebooted the server since making the changes to the regional settings?
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            ipaw Level 1
            When I originally caught the problem the regional settings of the server were "English (US)"... our ColdFusion app does a SetLocal("English (Canadian)") at start-up.

            I changes the regional settings on the server to match our app and then re-booted the server. It did not fix the issue.

            NOTE: We are using LSDateFormat to format the "DateLastModified".

            The only difference between our development server and production server that I can see is, the productions has an https connection, but I can't see that being the problem. Both machines are Windows Server 2003 running ColdFusion MX 7.