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    ColdFusion encrypted files

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      I'm in the middle of maintaining an older ColdFusion application for this job I'm doing and I came across these encrypted files with a bunch of gibberish as code. At the top of the file it says "Allaire Cold Fusion Template". I asked the previous developer and he says he doesn't have the originals. We're transferring web hosts over to a higher version of ColdFusion, which doesn't support running these encrypted files.


      It would seem that the only way to proceed is to decrypt these files back to their original code.


      Does anyone know of a decryption tool for this type of file?





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          WolfShade Level 4

          It's been ages since I played around with the encryption thing.  But, I believe that the CF server that encrypted them should also be able to decrypt them.  I forget where the setting in CFAdmin is (like I said, it's been ages), but you should simply be able to deselect the encryption setting, which _should_ decrypt the files as soon as you save that setting.






          UPDATE:  According to this page, you have three options for decrypting .cfm and .cfc files.  I think which one used depends upon how they were encrypted.