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    Issue with the assignment links when using InDesign and InCopy with files hosted on Creative Cloud.


      We're having issues with InDesign loosing the Assignment link connections while working on files hosted on Creative Cloud.

      Here's the process that we're having issues with:


      1. We create an InDesign file along with the Assignments and save the file to Creative Cloud.


      2. When we re-open the same InDesign file, the links to the assignments are lost and Indesign wants to re-create/or duplicate the same assignments by then adding a - 1, - 2 (and so on) to the end of the the assignment file name. (see attachment for example)


      This causes confusion for the Editor as to which ICML file they should be opening and editing in InCopy.


      Is this a permissions issue with Creative Cloud or an incorrect initial setup of the InDesign files and assignments?



      Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.35.15 AM.png