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      In premiere elements 10,  you can create  a black matte  or even change it to any solid color on the spectrum.  however I am not intereste in creating a gradient.  is that possible in premiere.  You see this as a common background during the cable news shows and that is what I am trying to simulate.  Multiple colors which are animated i that they move around and gradually change shades.  Would love if this is doable.


      here is something I found on youtube to visually show what I'm talking about  but looking to create directly in premiere so it is more customizeable:



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          Just wanted to let you know that I saw your question and am working on it for your Premiere Elements 10.


          Surely someone will come along to detour you to another program - likely Affect Effects. But, I think it can be done in Premiere Elements 10 and other versions of it.

          I keep working on this, got my idea 1/2 way done. Are you sure that you do not want to buy shock footage instead? But, in the name of creativity, I will

          pursue this and let you know the outcome.



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            I now  have an idea on a workaroud!  perhaps I could take the clipfrom youtube that I provided above and play with the hue settings in premiere to change the color

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              I will outline my plan that is in slow progress as I am creating as I go.


              1. Using the Premiere Elements split screen concept and color mattes and cropping effect, create multiple vertical panels on screen.

              That is the easy part. Got that done.

              2. Then keyframe the Position property of each of the panels.

              3. Apply strategic between panel blurs.


              Once you have the basic effect, easy enough to change the shades of the panels (color mattes). It is the choreography of the keyframing of panel movement which is taking time and concentration with the co-ordination.


              When I mentioned using stock footage instead of do it yourself approach, I was referring to sites that offer those types of files as a service (most of the time with a price for what file you want). Using YouTube footage and modifying it can get complicated by protected content and the YouTube licensing agreement.


              Let me know if you want me to continue in the keyframing choreography of the panels described.





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                Hi ATR,


                Thanks so much for thhe detailed plan.  I a not really experienced at key framing yet but perhaps this exercise will be goood for me to  beefen up those skills. So I'll give it a shot!

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                  Thanks for the update.


                  My screen panels are still waiting for me to do the keyframing.


                  Looking forward to your results.