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    Maddening bug: Textbox weirdness on Large Nudge command

      I'm having this problem in Fireworks CS4 on both Mac (brand new MacBook Pro) and Windows (Brand new Vista from Dell).

      This happens very frequently, on all sorts of files. The best way to explain is to post pictures:

      A: Text object that needs to be moved.

      I press the keyboard commands for Large Nudge Left [also happens with up, down, and right], and I get something like this:

      B: Bounding box has moved, but text is offset within bounding box and is in the wrong place

      This is making me crazy. It makes it really hard to get work accomplished quickly. The only way to "repair" is to edit within the text box, which then realigns the boundary with the edge of the text, which was in the wrong place anyway.

      The text usually seems to be 10 pixels off (one nudge-unit) when I do this. Sometimes it's way more than that. This also happens when I nudge a group of items -- the text boundary will get messed up and then I have to ungroup and fiddle with everything.