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    What is AIR?

    whattevva Level 2
      I know this sounds like a stupid question, but I loaded a new program with my new version of Flash called AIR - the only thing I found was Adobe's vague description:


      "With the Adobe® AIR™ runtime, you can deliver branded rich Internet applications outside the browser that give you a closer connection to your customer.

      Adobe AIR uses the same proven, cost-effective technologies used to build web applications, so development and deployment is rapid and low risk. You can use your existing web development resources to create engaging, branded applications that run on all major desktop operating systems.

      The benefits are extensive. By using Adobe AIR as part of your RIA strategy, you can boost productivity, extend your market reach, enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, lower costs, and increase profits."


      Sounds great - but what the heck is this great program that boosts productivity?!? I've been using Flash and Dreamweaver since their inception, and I'd like to know what this RIA strategy, market reaching, profit increasing software does... (and if it's something I'll actually find a use for)...

      Thanks for anyone's help...