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    Move libraries and settings to another (new) account

    Henrik (Vivaldi)

      I understand that my things are now "in the cloud" and it is nice to have sync between my work and home computers. But what if my I change employer, or my employer decides to move away from Creative Cloud—what do I do to ensure my libraries and settings are not lost? Is there some sort of formal procedure for moving data?

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          jennifers45308901 Level 1

          I had the same issue moving from one work account to another one, and this is the easiest work around I can find:

          1. Log into your current account on one browser (Chrome)
          2. Go to your libraries and click on the dropdown arrow on the right hand side
          3. Select "Send Link"
          4. Toggle from Private to Public
          5. Check the "Allow Save" option
          6. Open a new browser (Safari/Firefox) and log into your new account
          7. Copy the link in the "Send Link" dialog box on the other browser and paste and go into your other browser
          8. There should be a selection which allows you to save the library in the upper right-hand corner
          9. Your library should now be in your new account
          10. You will have to repeat this for each library you want to move