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    Little help with complex XML data as data provider for chart and adg

      Hi all,
      I've been trying to think through a problem and Im hoping for a little help. Here's the scenario:
      I have complex nested XML data that is wrapped by subsequent groupings for efficiency, but I need to determine if each inner item belongs in the data collection for view in a data grid and charts.

      I've posted an example at the bottom.

      So the goal here is to first be able to select a single inspector and then chart out their reports. I can get the data to filter from the XMLListCollection using a filter on the first layer (ie the name of the inspector) but then can't get a filter to go deeper into the structure in order to determine if the individual item should be contained inside the collection. In other words, I want to filter by inspector, then time and then tag name in order to be able to use this data as the basis for individual series inside my advanced data grid and column chart.

      I've made it work with creating a new collection and then looping through each time there is a change to the original collection and updating the new collection, but that just feels so bloated and inefficient. The user is going to have some buttons to allow them to change their view. I'm wondering if there is a cleaner way to approach this? I even tried chaining filter functions together, but that didn't work cause the collection is reset whenever the .refresh() is called.

      If anyone has experience in efficiently dealing with complex XML for charting purposes and tabular display purposes, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I know I can get this to work with a bunch of overhead, but I'm seeking something elegant.

      Thank you.