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    disable app.beep() sound???

    Silver Back Gorilla Level 1

      In CC 2015.1.2 on windows, when you enter a number into an edittext box and press enter it makes a beeping sound.  The sound is the same exact sound from the app.beep() jsx command.  Is there a way to disable this sound in a script?


      Also, just FYI for anyone who uses an .onChange event for edittext boxes, this does not work with the enter key in CC 2015.1.2 on windows.  It was reporting to Adobe yesterday and they confirmed it is a bug on windows with the 2015.1.2 release.  The workaround until it is fixed is to use the onEnterKey event instead which works.  Anyway, everything works with the onEventKey event.  However, I would like to get rid of the beeping if possible.