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    MX7 using Java 1.5 Libs?

      SO, I am working on some Java libs that will handle a lot of the guts of the app I am working on. I am using 1.5 because I want to be able to use things like ArrayList<> and so on. I was thinking of using ColdFusion for the frontend. Is it true that MX7 does not work with Java 1.5?

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          LL@Work Level 1
          That's correct. ColdFusion MX 7 is "Tested and certified with Sun JDK 1.4.2_05, 1.4.2_07 and 1.4.2_09."
          Please see the System Requirements.
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            michaelprichard Level 1
            That being said, anyone successfully running it with 1.5?
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              We have been using 1.5 in production with MX 6.1 for the last 6 months and we will soon upgrade to MX 7.0.1.
              We have encountered problems with calling webservices (when CF tries to generate code for the webservice it is using a version of axis that has a package name containing ".enum." which is not allowed in 1.5), but I think that this problem will go away when we upgrade to MX 7.0.1 since it uses a newer version of axis with the particular packages renamed to be 1.5 compatible. We can currently create webservices for others to call, we just can't initiate webservice requests from CF.

              In WEB-INF/cfusion/lib there is a 1.4 version of tools.jar which we had to replace with the 1.5 version and in this same directory we had to remove jikesw.exe. These two changes were necessary in order for calling our webservices to work (the java code generated for the webservices gets compiled using either jikes, if present -- which doesn't work with 1.5, or the java compiler in tools.jar (in which case the tools.jar needs to be in synch with your jdk version).

              Otherwise we haven't had any issues -- of course I strongly recommend running with 1.5 in your development environment for a decent amout of time before taking it into production and in particular make sure your webservices (if you're using any) still work. You also could run into problems (ClassCastException) with date comparisons due to changes in the Timestamp class in 1.5 if you try to compare Timestamp objects to Date objects in CF (we didn't encounter this particular problem in any of our code).

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                michaelprichard Level 1
                Thanks for the response Ryan.

                Quick question. Do you have CF deployed with JRun4 or another J2EE server?

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                  RyanC Level 1
                  We're using JRun 4 but with the J2EE configuration as opposed to the bundled, standalone CF w/ internal JRun configuration.
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                    michaelprichard Level 1
                    Hello Ryan,

                    Thanks! I installed it on Tomcat 5.5 and it seemed to work. At least the administration screens came up and I was able to also run a simple cfm page.

                    I can try JRun as well.