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    Error getting license

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      I have always used Adobe Digital Editions to download my e-book purchases from the Kobo website, without a problem.  Today, however, when I clicked on the Adobe DRM EPUB button and then double click on the URLLink.ascm file, ADE returns an error message "Error Getting License: License Servicer Communication Problem: E_ADEPT_NO_FULFILLMENT_RESULT" and I am unable to download the book.


      I have checked with the Kobo website and they are unable to provide any useful help, other than cancelling my purchase and refunding at my request.  They said I would have to download using their desktop app or the wifi on my reader, which I refuse to do because every time I've done that, their app has screwed up all my shelves and many of the ebooks on the reader.  I've never had that problem with Adobe Digital Editions, and until now (after several years and more than 100 purchases) I've never had this problem in getting a purchase to install.


      For future reference (if I try to buy something else) what can I do to avoid this problem or to fix it?

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          I fixed this myself, thought I should post a reply for fellow Mac users, some of whom won't be as surprised as I was by how simple this turned out to be.


          It had been a while since I'd run Repair Permissions (see the App called Disk Utility on your Mac OS) on the hard drive.  Did that, restarted the computer, and hey presto, now I can download the Kobo book.  Also the sluggish behaviour on most websites through Safari has cleared up.  A Mac guru had told me a year ago, any time your Mac doesn't behave well, just run Repair Permissions and Restart after it's done.  Clears up most problems.  Good to remember ...