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    Flash player for android


      Hi there.


      I'm IT/tech clueless so would appreciate some advice.


      I want to use the all4 and itv hub apps but they say I need to install adobe flash player, which the forums say is no longer available from Google play etc. I've tried https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html to download from the archive but can only see versions for android 4.0.


      I have a samsung galaxy tablet pro, on android 4.4.2 kernal (this means nothing to me but guess it will to most of you!). Does anyone know if I can get flash player for this? I know there are already similar posts about this issues, but I've tried searching various forums and can't seem to find quite the right info, so thought I'd ask directly. Any help appreciated!


      Many thanks.

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          Carm01 Level 4

          Adobe stopped supporting Flash for mobile devices over 2 years ago, you can google it if you want. The flash players in your link posted are technically not supported and are not patched for any exploits. You can use them on Lollipop; i have, but found little or no use for mobile flash player in my experience. I have never run used any app that actually has needed it in about that time too. Most mobile browsers support some sort of streaming html5( i can't technically remember what they call it). I did not find either of those two apps on the play store.


          IF you want the last version of flash you will have to download it to the device in question and side load the apk file ( google it, it is simple ). But use at your own risk of exploits.


          Best regards

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            you have to go into your setting into security and unknown sources and allow then you go to your web browser and google adobe flash player arcieved and find a flash player compatible with your device. or if you do not under stand this google how to download older version of adobe flash player and it gives you step by step what to do.

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              As CS indicates, those versions are no longer supported and not patched for any security vulnerabilities.  I highly advise against installing them.  An alternative is to use something like Puffin Web Browser - The fastest mobile browser with Flash support over cloud on iPad, iPhone and Android.