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    Nikon D5 RAW files


      I am being loaned a Nikon D5 which is a very new camera (not currently on the market yet!).  I will be using it on a world tour and need to know when Lightroom will be able to process RAW files?  I know this is a big ask as the camera is only just being released but I really have to shoot RAW and am worried how I will process them.

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          Lightroom probably won't support the raws from that camera for a few (1-4 or so) months after it's released for sale. Perhaps you'll be able to use Nikon's raw converter in the mean time. Or shoot raw + JPEGs. Maybe some other raw converter will be quicker out of the gate.


          Some newly released cameras have had raw files that were almost identical to raws from other cameras made by their manufacturer, and by changing some internal field users could fake LR into accepting the images. I have no idea if that would work in this case.


          Good luck to you.



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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Use the appropriate Nikon software for the camera model to convert NEF to TIFF and process the tif files in LR until the next camera raw update.

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              johnm53617287 Level 1

              Thanks for the response. I actually am trying to get a response from Adobe but their BS support system put me onto a forum.  Yes I am aware it is a big ask to expect a fix straight away but sometimes they do get on it quick.  My experienece with the D3, D4 Lightroom RAW processing was 3 months so not expecting much.. Problem I have is 3000 shots a day to process so I will stick with the previous camera D4 for now.  If anyone hears any rumours or god forbid Adobe get in touch let me know!

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                dj_paige Level 9

                If anyone hears any rumours or god forbid Adobe get in touch let me know!

                Every time a new release of Lightroom is announced, you can check the announcement details to see if the D5 is supported.

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                  DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

                  Unfortunately Nikon is not as eager as you to have Adobe to provide support, they would prefer you to utilise their software.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Adobe doesn’t pre-announce camera support.  The camera is available for pre-order from Nikon in the US with expected availability March 2016.  I wouldn’t expect Adobe to add support to LR until the next version of LR comes out after the camera is available for sale and only if Adobe has had enough time between when they acquire a camera and the next version of LR is released.  So it is a question of timing not how long it takes Adobe to add a camera, necessarily.


                    The last version of LR came out in mid-November and LR is released approx. every 3 months which would be mid-Feb, which is before the expected release of the camera.  The would push the earliest release to the next, next release, which could be 3 months more in the future, or mid-May.


                    Adobe could release the next update of LR after the Nikon is available, so some time in March, but right now there is hope for a new version of LR sooner for people on Macs that want to tether Nikons under El Capitan, so Adobe might choose to release the next version of LR earlier rather than later.


                    In any case, it won’t be that soon because the camera still has a couple more months before it’s available in the US, apparently.  Adobe doesn’t want to add support for a beta or pre-release that would just need to be updated, again.  The exception to this is when a camera is very similar to a previous version sensorwise so they pretend that previous version’s profile is applicable to the new camera for a version, and then release the proper camera profiles in the next version.


                    The bottom line is that you seem to be getting a camera before Adobe is so there's now way Adobe software is going to support it unless you don't need support for a few more months, certainly not before it is publically available, so either shoot RAW+JPG or use Nikon software to process the images until Adobe software has support.