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    X99 Asus Realibity with one GPU, and what are your thoughts for going with PNY Quadro m4000 instead of 980ti?


      I am geared towards picking a system either turnkey or in general for video editing / after effects with some Cinema 4d work, x99 based system, but thunderbolt setup related posts and discussions scare me, I do keep checking motherboards that support Thunderbolt, and it seems to be only few Asus Boards, Let me remind you that I am planning just one GPU. which takes me my most important dilemma, PNY Quadro m4000 or 980ti, for single GPU Setup that is, (I have been hearing better things about 980ti cards when it comes to handling ultra HD and in the future for me 4k footage--is it true and quadro for more important for 3d related work??)


      If 980ti, give me some advice on which cards!!! would really appreciate it!!!