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    Hi All, I am trying to update the cataloguing on Lightroom but only half the existing images are showing up.


      My previous set up was a Mac G4 with a Sonnet enclosure containing an array of  4 drives. These showed up as Images 1A, Images 2A, Images 3A and Images 4A on my desktop and were catalogued as such in Lightroom.


      The files from these drives were then transferred successfully to a new Pegasus R8 enclosure (32Tb).  I now have both linked to my new iMac and they show up on the desk top as Images 1A Images, 2A, Images 3A, Images 4A and Pegasus.

      When I open Lightroom the original catalogued folders (Images 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A) all show up as before. These are the files from the drives in the Sonnet enclosure.


      The Pegasus Enclosure also shows up (This is a Raid 5 set up) so I went to add a new folder as I just wanted the same cataloguing for the Pegasus. I called the folder 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A. I then dragged each of the contents of the files Images 1A, Images 2A etc which have been transferred to the Pegasus into the new folders so "Images 1A" to "1A" etc. All seems fine. I then went to synchronise 1A with its new contents and it all seemed to go well except at the end of the sync only half (roughly) of the images in the folder show up in the Lightroom catalogue. They are all there they just do not sync in the Lightroom catalogue.


      I'd be grateful for any help.