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    After Effects warning: The following plugins have failed to load. Please reinstall these plugins:

    Keith Goodwin Level 1


      I am getting the message shown in the image below.


      After Effects version:

      I checked for updates through the AE menu. None were found.

      Windows 8.1 Pro--64bit

      Intel i7 cpu with 4 cores @ 2.8ghz

      12gb of memory

      NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT display adapter. I know it's old but it's always worked well for me in the past. Driver version 341.92

      Dual 22" monitors

      Four internal hard drives, one of which has two partitions.

      No 3rd party I/O hardware

      Quick Time version 7.7.9 (1680.95.84

      No 3rd party effects installed

      Open GL is enabled

      The problem occurs upon opening the software. The error message comes up before the software fully loads.

      Multiple frame rendering is enabled.

      Ray-tracing isn't available in CS5.5. I do have advanced 3d enabled.




      The error occurs upon opening AE with or without a project file. This is the first time using AE after wiping the hard drive and reinstalling OS and all software.


      AE did previously work on this computer.











      I found the answer. Apparently it's plugins used in GoPro Studio. I'm not sure what they're for. However deleting them is the simple fix for AE. I don't know yet what this will do to GoPro Studio. Anyhow, here's a link to the answer if video form:

      How to Fix Cineform Plug-in failure For Adobe After Effects CS6 - YouTube