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    Can't get past this error message: error cached files need 2 or more frames to playback


      Hi there


      I've been online looking at fixes for this and have tried the following to no avail:


      1) Edit > purge, to get rid of media cache

      2) Preferences > media and disk cache - erased it all there, wiped all the cache memory

      3) Manually using the playhead and shortcut keys to make sure more than 2 frames are selected for the preview

      4) Manually using the play/pause button instead of the space bar

      5) Quitting and re-starting ae

      6) Clearing space on the HD that the comp is working from to make sure there's no memory limits there


      I can't get past the error message so far, so can't preview anything.  Very frustrating!  Am trying to finalise a project with a tight deadline...


      Any help would be greatly appreciated