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    Transfer of Themes

    raptorred67 Level 1
      Greetings all,
      I tried contact Adobe service on this and everyone just kinda shrugged their shoulders so I figured I hit up the source.

      Here's the deal. I recently went to the main adobe site to change my email to a new one and I transitioning too. This, of course, changed my Adobe ID since it is typically just your email. Well the change went fine and my account stayed intact.

      I then tried to log into Kuler with the new ID and, though it allowed me to, all of my themes, comments, tags, etc. were gone. It was treating the ID as if it were a brand new user rather than just a changed name. I even tried logging in as the old email and it came up as an incorrect user name. So it knows I changed the ID via the main Adobe site but it wasnt pulling over my themes.

      I went back to the main site and changed my email/ID back, returned to Kuler, logged in (with the old email), and everything was fine. All my themes were there with tags and ratings.

      Is there anyway to show Kuler that the themes from my old email/ID should transfer to the new one with their tags, ratings, and comments intact?