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    Grab clips from other projects


      i am editing old videos, trying to keep the very few good segments.  I am starting a new project for each video, and as I pull clips, I'm giving them unique names...like "Dad telling funny story".  When I've gone through all of the videos, I want to be able to start a new project and go back and grab all of the good clips of my Dad for instance and create a video.  When I tried to do it, it appears the clips are stored in Elements Organizer, but they did not keep the unique names I gave them.  When I click on one of them, it opens to one of my saved clips, but the only identification is the name of the project, and that only shows when you actually open the clip.  There has to be a way to do this???  Please help...

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The organizer doesn't store clips.  It is only a database which serves as a library to point to the clips.  You need to rename the clips from their actual location on the hard drive.

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            martyb96740 Level 1

            if I upgrade to Elements 14 or Premiere Pro is it any easier to do this?  It seems pretty cumbersome to have to go on the hard drive, find them and then do the extra steps.

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The only way I can think to do this is directly from the original file using Windows Explorer or an equivalent application..

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                When you say that you give each video a special name and a copy of it is saved to the Elements Organizer 12/12.1, to what are you referring.....file name such as Dad Telling A Funny Story.mp4 that was a selective export from one of your Premiere Elements projects?


                In the Elements Organizer View Menu, there are check offs for Details and File Names. That should give you what you seek. There are ample opportunities to name files before import into Elements Organizer.


                I am not understanding "name of the project" in what you wrote as it relates the the File identified by name and file extension.

                When I click on one of them, it opens to one of my saved clips, but the only identification is the name of the project


                Please clarify.


                Thank you.



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                  martyb96740 Level 1

                  Thanks for the help.  Yes, when I looked at settings for Elements Organizer, it allowed me to show the name of the clip.  Unfortunately, the clip that I named "Dad Telling Funny Story", has the name of the entire project "XYZ Trip"...as does every clip I pulled from "XYZ Trip".  I added a name to the clip when I "recorded" it from the original video in Premiere Elements 11, and it was in "Project Assets"...I selected "Rename".  I just re-opened that "Project",  "XYZ Trip" and the unique names are still there on the clips in assets.  It would be so much better if the "clips" in the organizer had the unique names that I assigned to them in the actual project.  Ideally, I could then copy and paste any of the "clips" that were of my Dad into a new project.

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                    martyb96740 Level 1

                    I actually did a search of the hard drive that I'm storing all of the video and the only reference to the "file" or "clip" that I grabbed from the original video and re-named to "Moms Baked Beans" was in a log for Elements...there was no video to find.  BTW...my Moms baked beans are a thing of beauty...

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the follow up.


                      What version of Premiere Elements and what computer operating system? I think that what you would like to do is not available after Elements Organizer 11.

                      Elements Organizer Help | Viewing video projects


                      I have been rethinking what I originally wrote. Please let me know if the following approaches what is happening and what you are seeking.. This applies to Elements Organizer 11 and earlier.


                      1. Given you are doing a new project for each of your videos. (Previously I thought that your concerns were related to the organization of the exports from each project, but now I do not think that).


                      2. You open your project one for video one, you edit it. You are not exporting it. All you are doing is saving closing it after you go to File Menu/Save As and rename the project, for example "Dad Telling Funny Stories". This saved closed named project file will be stored at the hard drive save location designated in the Save As dialog along with your project name "Dad Telling Funny Stories". In the Elements Organizer, it will not be represented as a thumbnail. It will be represented in the left column under Albums/Video Projects/then the named projects. That is where you will find the "Dad Telling Funny Stories" project file. There you will be able to access that project file by right clicking the project file name "Dad Telling Funny Stories" and selecting Edit With Premiere Elements Editor. While you are in the Elements Organizer, you will see a thumbnail in the browser. That is not your "Dad Telling Funny Stories" project file. What it is a copy of the unedited video file (.wmv, .mov, .mp4 whatever) that was imported into the Premiere Element Editor "Dad Telling Funny Stories" project.

                      Note: Every time you import a file into the Premiere Elements Editor, a copy of the file is automatically saved to the Elements Organizer. And, for each will be a thumbnail in that browser part of the Elements Organizer. Remember, that is not the project file, but rather the unedited video that went into the project for trimming and editing.


                      3. If you have Elements Organizer 11, are you looking in the right place in the Elements Organizer for the Dad Telling Funny Stories - both the project saved to the hard drive location and the representation of the project file in that left column when Albums is open to My Projects and My Projects is opened to contain the individual project?


                      If I am going in the right direction on this and you have Elements Organizer later than 11, then we can talk about workaround for an assets organizational plan.



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                        martyb96740 Level 1

                        Thanks ATR.  I have Elements 11.  I am inserting a new video into my player.  I open a new "Project" and select the name of the "project" as the name I had assigned to that video...for example "XYZ Trip".  I play the video by selecting "Add media" and select DV Camcorder.  I play the video in the capture box until I find something that I want to keep.  I click on the red "Capture" button to capture the "clip" I want.  This "clip" goes into "Project Assets" in the upper left hand corner of the screen.  Elements names the "clips" with the name of the "project"...XYZ Trip.mov1.  I then right click on the "clip" in Project Assets and select "rename".  This is when I change the name of the clip to a unique name like "Dad tells funny story".  After I review the entire video, I save the "project" and move on to another "new" video.  What I'd like to do is review all of my many videos, select all of the interesting "clips" and then start another new project and gather all of the clips about my Dad and make a new video using the "clips" as project assets from multiple "projects".  It would seem to me that the Elements Organizer should be able to collect all of the "clips" in the various projects, which it appears to do, and then I should be able to go into the organizer and gather all of the clips on my Dad and put them into a new project by selecting "Elements Organizer" in the "Add Media" tab when you open a project.  Unfortunately, it appears that the only name these "clips" show in the Organizer is the name of the entire project, so I would have to open each clip and review them in order to figure out which one is "Dad tells funny story".  I looked at the settings for the Organizer and found a way to turn on the names of the clips, but as I said, it only keeps the "name" of the entire project...like "XYZ Trip.mov2".  I am willing to buy the updated version of Elements if necessary, and will even purchase Premiere Pro if I have to.  I have used the old version of Premiere in the past to produce TV commercials for my company, so I am somewhat familiar with Premiere, and feel comfortable using the full blown version...just did't want to spend the money if I didn't have to.  On one of the projects I named a clip "Moms Baked Beans" and saved the project.  I then opened another project, did some work and then re-opened the original project with "Moms Baked Beans" clip on it.  I saw that Elements had kept that named file.  I then did a search of the dedicated hard drive that I am using for video editing and the only file with "Moms Baked Beans" on it was some kind of elements log file.  There was no mov file named "Moms Baked Beans", so I can't go into the hard drive and find these unique named files to gather them for a new project by selecting "add Media" and using "Files and Folders" to gather the various "clips" I need for the final "Project".

                        I sincerely appreciate your help and efforts to assist me!

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                          martyb96740 Level 1

                          I am using a MAC with Yosemite updates.  All software is updated to most current available in computer and Elements.

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            For the steps you are going through now...


                            For what you want to do, my suggestion is to export each of the projects (which contain an edited video) to a H.264.mov or dv.mov saved to the computer, import that into the Elements Organizer 11, and create Album for each of the specially named H.264.mov or dv.mov files. Then, when you click on the individual Albums, you will see the file as a thumbnail in the browser part of the Elements Organizer.


                            The way it is now, in 11, the Elements Organizer will show your saved closed project name under Albums/Video Projects/ but you have to right click the project file name to open it in Premiere Elements in order to see its content. What you are see now in the Elements Organizer browser part is not the edited saved closed project. It is the unedited original file that you imported into the Premiere Elements project to edit. If you have not already, you need to make the distinction between the project file's presence in Elements Organizer 11 and the unedited video that was imported into Elements Organizer 11 automatically when it was first imported into the Premiere Elements project.


                            Please consider and let me know if you agree.


                            The following may be of interest in developing alternative workflow for what you want to do.


                            Since I am strictly an Elements Windows user and the above comes from a Premiere Element Windows perspective, I believe the concepts in it are applicable to the Premiere Elements 11 Mac.



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                              martyb96740 Level 1

                              Thanks ATR, for all of your efforts.  I decided to try the Elements 14 to see if it would do what I want, easily, and discovered that it no longer can "see" the ADVC 110 Converter I'm using to gather the video from my analog deck.  So...the upgrade was out.  I then downloaded the trial version of Premiere Pro and it very easily did exactly what I wanted without doing any research...my only gripe is I have to sign a one year contract and pay $19.95 a month to use it.  I opened a project, named various clips with unique names, closed the project and opened a new one...selected the old project in the "Add Media" tab, and the unique names showed up under that project.  I then dragged that "unique named" clip into the new project and it worked.  Why Elements refuses to show the "Unique names" under the project is beyond me???  All it will show is the clip with the project name and 01, 02 ,03 etc.  It's too cumbersome to open each clip and export it, in order to find it later.  Premiere Pro seems so much more intuitive.  Go figure...


                              It would be great if Elements 11 worked without all of the work-arounds...I sincerely appreciate your help.  Guess I'm spending some money...

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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Thanks for the update that you have found what you needed in your workflow using Premiere Pro.

                                Sorry that the workarounds in Premiere Elements 11 Elements Organizer 11 were not usable for you.Thanks for exploring the comments related to trying to get Premiere Elements and Elements Organizer to work for you.


                                Best wishes in moving forward in your video projects.