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    Illustrator-to-AE dynamic link works, but doesn't act intelligently with multiple layers

    blu67 Level 1

      I'm just wondering if there is a solution for this...


      If I have multiple layers in an Illustrator or Photoshop file, and I import it to AE as a composition, it all works fine. If I make a change to a layer in Illustrator, it will update in AE. The only problem is how long the update can take. It will take a very long time for AE to search through each of the Illustrator layers to look for what has been changed. If I have just one or two layers in Illustrator, it will be quick because AE has less searching to do. Or if its only one layer in Illustrator, then the update for whatever has changed is almost immediate. But if I have for example, 20 Illustrator layers, it can take several minutes to update in AE. I found a work-around which is to quit AE and reopen, and the update is there right away. This seems silly to me though. Anyone know of a solution to this?