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    Change Default Location

      I have about 7 projects saved in the RoboHelp projects default location on my desktop. I want to change that to a folder in My Documents so that the projects will sync to the AD server for backup. I don't see a way to do that, though.
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          I can give you plenty of thoughts, most of which would start with "Don't go there!" You should never, ever have your RH source files located on your desktop or in the My Documents folder unless you want to suffer unmentionables at some point in the future. The reason for this is that in the corporate world, IT Departments network these areas to allow you to logon to any PC and use your data. The only problem with this approach is that RH uses an Access database as part of every project and these babies are prone to all sort of problems when run over a network.

          It is good practice to create a folder off your C: drive (e.g. C:\RHSource) and to have all your projects in there. All you need to do is move them using Windows Explorer and then change the output destination of the single source layouts you use.