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    Dropdown clipped to window

      Much like the problem we have with Alert dialogs being clipped to its parent window, drop down list boxes also get clipped to the window it is in. This is probably a reflection of its Flash-in-a-Browser heritage, but is there anyway to have the drop down not get clipped by its parent window? Heck, for that matter, same question for an Alert.
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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          This is indeed a reflection of the fact that the components available in Flex and Flash CS are based on Sprites, which are limited to a single stage. To get around this, you would have to extend the components so that they displayed in a separate NativeWindow. (This looks doable with the combo box. For Flex alert windows, it looks easier to just create your own alert based on NativeWindow, rather than trying to extend a class to use with the PopUpManager system.)