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    Why does AfterEffects stop working when I try to work on my project file?


      Okay, so. I have recently installed AfterEffects on my Laptop (a Toshiba Satellite L50D-C), so I can work on my design school projects at home. All well and good - but when I open up my current project and try to work on it, AE basically stops working. I can play my animation back in the main comp, and access maybe one or two or the sub-comps that make it up, but if I go into any of the others, it immediately gives me the spinning wheel of death and gives me this error message:


      Adobe problems.JPG


      Of course, it very helpfully doesn't tell me what the problem is, or what is causing it, so I have no option but to close the program..... and not get any work done, unless I trudge all the way over to town and work from there. Either it gives me the error message right away, or the minute I try to work in one of the sub-comps; but once or twice AE has given me the message while it's opening up! Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Is it a Windows issue? Something to do with my file? A bug in the program? The fact that my project incorporates the DUiK plug-in (which I've also installed on my laptop)? I should point out that the school computers are also running Windows, also have AE v.16.3.1, also have DUiK, and have NO problem running my file.....

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sense there are almost unlimited number of possible combinations of effects that you can apply to  layers in your composition it's going to be very hard to guess what is going on. My first thought is that you're running out of resources. Try turning on the caps lock key then select one of the compositions that is giving you problems, then select all of the layers and press the "u"  key twice to reveal all modified properties. Turn off all the effects first then release caps lock and see what happens. Start turning things on one effect at a time until you run into problems.


          Let us know if that helps. Make sure your app is up-to-date and your system meets the minimum system requirements, and all of your third-party plug-ins are up-to-date. If that doesn't solve your problem we need lots and lots of details.