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      I tried to use import .pdf and no result, I see the wizard, look like it doing something but nothing show in html files. It only show the progress bar for few seconds for a 160 page document

      any help?
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          cmullins@cfsloans.com Level 1
          I think you are trying to add a 160-page pdf file to your project, right? Are you adding it as a baggage file then setting up a hyperlink to that baggage file?

          Also, I stepped away from using pdf files in my project as they caused big delays when my end users opened them to view the info.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            @PatKb - Sometimes a PDF is too complex to be imported into RoboHelp and you have to try the different options. Not sure if size matters for these, but I suppose it may. 160 pages is a LOT of information.

            @Cindi - I encountered the same thing with linking to PDF and Word content back when I was a corporate worker bee. Documents took time to load and my users reported broken links when all that was happening was it was taking longer to load than they expected. I overcame this by using redirect topics. (we called them "DocFetch" topics) Essentially, these are HTML pages that open other pages or files. This provided a warm fuzzy to the user. They clicked a link, saw a page open that basically said to wait, the process may take a while, then the document loaded. Worked like a champ and broken reports stopped rolling in.

            Cheers... Rick