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    undo apply background globally


      Lightroom5, book module.  200 pages.  I had carefully chosen unique backgrounds and color overlays for most pages, and accidentally hit "apply background globally" without realizing it.  Even though I deselected it, I now have 1 background under all of my images:(  It took me a while to understand what happened, and I hit undo many times but I must have hit the max so it didn't work.  Can I get them back without going back to my last "archive" from about 3 hours of work ago?

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          screennamelauren Level 1

          Okay I have looked for a little while on how to "revert" but don't see it.  I typed it in the help menu but there are no results.  I see a lot of problems with revert in the community, but I don't see the basics on how to perform it.  I am willing to throw out hours of work to get the backgrounds back again using the revert feature since no one responded to my original post.  Any ideas?