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    'User Order' - What is initial default order?


      I have sent a whole batch of slides/transparencies for digitising. The slides were in sequence of date/time taken.

      The images have come back with filenames such as IMG001, IMG002 etc which reflect the sequence the slides were created.

      However, when viewing the images in LightRoom 3 library I would like to tweak the order slightly; for instance swap the order of two adjacent images.

      The problem is that when I click on 'user order' then the images seem to be shown in almost random order and I have to reorder them all.

      Does anyone know that the initial image order is when you click on 'user order' for the first time?

      What I would really like is for LightRoom to show the images in the last 'sort order' option sequence when 'user order' is first selected.