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    Activating GPU and Ray tracing with Nvidia Geforce 730


      Bought this gpu( 2GB DDR5 Vram) of MSI GeForce N730K- 2GD5LP/OCV1(MSI Global).

      Contacted with adobe support center through wish form but haven't got any reply yet!

      Before buying this card I searched a lot and found somewhere about the requirements for After Effects CC 2014. It says any Nvidia Geforce 6**, 7** supports After Effects CC 2014.

      Now here I haven't seen any post relates with Nvidia GT 730 card nor found this in the requirement list!!


      I need to know if this card supports or not?

      What should I do now??


      Help Me ASAP..

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First of all, why do you want to use the ray-traced renderer? It is considered obsolete. It was a crappy way to do 3d in After Effects. And, if you weren't using it to create 3d geometry in AE, it just slowed everything way down.


          If you want to do 3d work in AE, use the new and more powerful 3d solution that comes with AE and/or use a third-party plugin like Element, Zaxwerks 3d Invigorator, Mettle's ShapeShifter, etc. - their GPU requirements have nothing to do with the ray-traced renderer's requirements. I'm pretty sure all three of them can use your GPU, but check on the requirements before you buy anything.


          Now, if you still want to use the old ray-traced renderer, this is the page with the system requirements for the ray-traced renderer: After Effects System Requirements for Mac OS and Windows

          Nowhere does it mention N cards or GT cards (except for one: GT 650M). All of the cards are GTX cards or Quadro cards. Now, in AE CC 2014 and later, you can check the box to use unsupported cards to accelerate the ray-traced renderer, so you could try that.