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    add video feedback to quiz question

      There is a presentation demo on the Adobe site called 'Breeze for Rapid-training' which has a question and when answered, plays a video. I cannot seem to find any information to do this. how is it done?
      Thanks Michelle
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          Are you sure the feedback is on the same slide or are they using branching to send you to a choice of slides with video on them? I believe this is how you'd do it:

          First, create a slide continaing you're video.

          Then use the hide slide function in powerpoint so that people won't be able to access the slide unless they go through the quiz to get to it

          Now craete a quiz question and use the branching feature to go to that slide with the video

          This is a very quick and dirty explanation, so please let me know if you need more explanation or if you need more detail.


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            MichelleWright Level 1
            Many thanks for your response. I was thinking along the right lines but just forgot about the PowerPoint hide slide option. It works perfectly now.