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    Since Adobe has destroyed the market for true DRM-free ebooks, could you please develop a reader that isn't complete junk?


      Seriously, at least invest a bit of time and effort into ADE. It lacks many basic features ebook consumers expect. Paging-down and up are completely inaccurate. Mouse-wheeling is laggy and choppy. Zoom options are limited, with no mouse-wheel zoom. Color and display options are limited. You try to get us to install crapware by default. Go look at iBooks, Google Play Books, Aldiko, or virtually any other ebook reader on the market and get a hint at what an ebook reader should be like. Then consider that yours is by far the worst one, and also the one we're now forced to use. I understand digital rights management can be tricky and many publishers are uncomfortable going DRM-free. There is a legitimate market need for the services you are attempting to provide. However, as I mentioned, this program is a complete piece of junk. Adobe should be embarrassed. Even open-source stuff developed by hobbyists and altruists is vastly superior.