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    How do I import presets I purchased into my lightroom?


      I just purchased Creative Cloud and Photoshop Lightroom.  I would like to import some presets I purchased.  I have unzipped the folders. but don't know how to move them to my lightroom presets.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          For Develop Presets-

          In the Lightroom Develop module,  Right-Click anywhere in the Develop Presets folder, and choose Import from the menu.

          Select your FOLDER of un-zipped preset files where you have them. (not the zip file)

          Click the [Import] button.


          To do it manually- Open the Lr Preferences dialog > Presets Tab > [Show Lightroom Presets Folder...] Note its location in the "Lightroom Settings" folder.

          Exit Lightroom, then using Explorer/Finder- Locate the {Develop Presets} folder and copy the new presets into there .

          Restart Lightroom.



          The 'Develop Presets' folder can only contain one level of subfolders!

          so it must be something like-  Develop Presets > User Presets > preset templates.

          Brush Presets cannot not exist in sub-folders, they must all be in the one 'Brush Presets' folder.

          so- Brush Presets > Brush templates.