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    Lightroom 6.3 changes video time when importing




      I have the problem that when I import a video form my iPhone and import afterwards this video to Lightroom the capture time of the video will be changed. It looks like LR just changes the hour. In my chase for about 2 hours.


      Any idea what that could be?


      Best regards, Stefan

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi SteffBr,


          Please check that you are not using any Import preset while importing the files in Lightroom.

          Import Preset Lr.png

          It should be selected as None.


          Let us know if that helps.



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            SteffBr Level 1

            Hi Mohit


            I tried you your recommendation. Unfortunately this is not the issue. I thing the problem is that with a photo you show in LR the EXIF capture date. In the case of a video we do not have any EXIF date. The question is what date is LR showing?


            Fore example if you take a video:

            - the file creation date (Erstellt) looks like below:


            - in the LR import dialog it look like:


            file name


            no setting


            - after importing the video to LR with no modification it looks like:


            file name looks correct


            the capture date an time look different to the file creation date and time


            This is what I'm wondering what the reason is and from where LR takes that time?


            The problem is when I'm doing the auto import with a watched folder and rename the files with the capture date and time all my video file get a wrong file name and LR is also showing the wrong time.


            I hope you can help me. Thanks very much for your support.


            Best regards, Stefan

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              LR's handling of video metadata is very buggy and a complete mess.  It's been that way since LR 3 with almost no bug fixes.  Video formats do contain capture metadata, and sometimes LR successfully reads it and sometimes not.  When it doesn't read the metadata capture date, it will usually use the file-modified time or file-created time (depending on which part of LR you're using).  Some of the bugs include:


              - When LR doesn't read the capture date metadata, it will use different date/times in different parts of the application: Lightroom: Still inconsistent capture date/time for photos and videos


              - For Quicktime video (e.g. from an iPhone), LR will read the capture-date metadata but then fail to handle time zones correctly: Lightroom: iPhone video Capture Time is shifted upon Import


              - LR isn't able to write metadata back to video files, either to the files themselves or to sidecars: Lightroom: Read and write video metadata, even though there are industry standards for such metadata (that Adobe developed!).


              Please add your vote and detailed opinion to those topics (all of which are in the official Adobe feedback forum, which Adobe product developers regularly read).

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                SteffBr Level 1

                Hello Mohit


                I checked it and this is not the case.

                Hope for your help!


                Best regards, Stefan