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    Rollover Popup


      Thanks to help from John McCallum and a posting on the RoboHelp Office TechNote...


      ...I wa able to create an Auto-Sized MouseOver Popup.

      When I compile the project inside RoboHTML, I can view the popups working correctly. Then I close my project and open the .chm file from Windows Explorer. The .chm file is locked, meaning, when I click anything to start navigating, nothing works anymore, including the TOC.

      Any ideas why this might be happening and how I can fix it?

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          Hi again Jane,

          Do you ever think that maybe you've gone to sleep and awakened inside a Kafka novel? I've never heard of a .chm file not responding at all but my guess would be that it would be something to do with the path to the topics. Have you moved the .chm at all or is it still in your project directory? Do you get the default topic and does it respond to things other than links, such as getting a right click menu, opening the index tab, resizing the window ?

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            jhemmi Level 1
            Hi John,

            Yes, I'm definitely in the twighlight zone. Thanks for the response (you've been helping me with the new window problem I'm having).

            When I open the .chm the default topic opens. The arrow pointer is locked, so that the finger pointer doesn't activate. Therefore, no links work at all. Also, it looks like the scroll bar at the bottom of the viewer isn't loading, either.

            Any clues?

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              Hi John,

              Me again. I noticed the .chm had a timestamp of a few days ago. I deleted the .chm and recompiled it. Now the compiled .chm won't appear in Windows Explorer. I've had this problem before with RH X3, and I found if you compile without click the Generate Primary Layout button, the .chm will appear. Now that method doesn't even work.

              Now my problem has changed. Can you assist?

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                jhemmi Level 1

                One more time. Yes, I was in the twilight zone. I realized that my .chm file was being saved to a subfolder, so it was working, and it does work!