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      After perusing through tons of Adobe stock Photos and videos it makes me wonder why I see very few African Americans in these depictions.  I realize that Christianity is not with prejudices but in a lot of areas we serve a population of African Americans.  I am trying to say this so that I do not sound like a bigot because I am not.  But I see a plethora of photos where there are only whites bot by themselves and in groups.  However, when it comes to African American photos it always include a White person.  Please now.  I have a lot of White friends and I do not subscribe to bigotry.  However, I do need a picture of a Black Family since my church is 110% African American.  So on our website I am trying to send a particular message to African American families and only because this is the demographic I serve even though everybody is welcomed.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It all comes down to the photographers that contribute. If you know of any photographers that do the type of images that you are after then please ask them to consider contributing. Adobe itself does not do the photography.


          Another point is that Adobe Stock is actually just a bridge between Fotolia.com and Adobe Apps. It's all the same images. Since Fotolia prior to Adobe taking it over was primarily a European Market that could maybe be a reason.


          So really it's up to the photographers. If there is very little of what you are looking for then it would be a great source of income for any photographers you know to contribute those types of photos.