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    How can I tell LR 6 from LR CC?

    MPDAEF Level 1

      Adobe has, I believe, created a real problem here by calling both versions by the same name.  I have both a perpetual license for LR 6 and a CC membership.  I have paid for LR 6 (and also PS CS6) against the day when I will no longer need a CC membership but will still want to use LR as a catalog program as well as the functionality that owned versions of the programs provides. For years, I had two different LR desktop icons, one for each, but an Adobe tech removed  LR 6 (and Photoshop CS6) from my computer in the process of fixing another LR issue.

      I was able to get another tech to reinstall the Photoshop CS6, and I was told I could reinstall LR 6 from my Desktop App.  This is NOT possible--it is not one of the previous versions offered.  So I used the download link provided by a the answer to a previous forum question.


      First problem:  Now I have two programs in my program list; LR 5.7 is a new program that opens to a welcome screen and will have to be set up (I do have an old catalog, so fingers are crossed that it will work). It is NOT, of course, LR6, even though the download link said it was downloading LR6.


      BIGGER PROBLEM:  the process seems to have reverted my CC Lighroom to the previous version (that is, before the most recent update), and the Desktop App does not allow me to update it.  It appears to have the most recent photos and edits, but I have no way of telling if contents of recent update are there or not.  The only clue is the LR opening page has reverted to woods instead of the decorated face.  I also don't know if I will be able to download the next update when it comes.   


      [Note that I also have LR CC installed on a second computer, which uses its own catalog (and, obviously, has different photos), as allowed by CC membership.  It is the latest version.]


      I am considering uninstalling LR 5.7, which I just installed, to see if the correct CC version comes back, but that's really annoying since I'll have paid for something I can't have or use.  I find this very confusing and would appreciate any suggestions for dealing with it.