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    Lightroom 6 not responding


      I have been dealing with Adobe this morning via "chat" regarding the problem that I had initially on my desktop with receiving a message that stated my serial number had been used on the maximum number of computers.  I explained that this may have been due to having to replace the hard rive on the desktop.  I was told that this problem had been fixed whilst we were on line and to resart Lightroom, which I did, but everyime I restart Lightroom the home page comes up and them i receive the message at the top keft hand of screen that it is not responding.  i was then told to reboot my machine, which I have done, but it has not cured the "not responding" problem on my desktop.  I then checked my laptop, which is the only other PC that I have Lightroom installed on, and that now gives me the "maximum number of computers message.  Please help, as i ma in the middle of preparing a Photobook.