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    2 Hard Drives = No Creative Cloud




      I am going to be completely honest, I am exceedingly angry right now. I currently use Adobe CC with a dual - hard drive system. In this system, I have a small C: drive (An SSD) for my operating system, and a larger D: drive for other programs. Due to the nature of said system, my registry points to my D: drive, so that my tiny C: drive does not fill up with programs. I used to use Windows 8.1, and I was able to work with Creative Cloud just fine. Then, I updated to Windows 10, and the program ceased to function ... so I reinstalled it. At this point, I had a new SSD was big enough to hold Creative Cloud ... which was a good thing since the installer insisted on loading Creative Cloud onto my C: drive. Unfortunately, doing so broke the program ... it was still trying to point to my D: drive!


      So, I tried the following things after completely uninstalling and reinstalling Creative Cloud: A) Creating a directory for Creative Cloud within my D: drive (Copying and pasting the "Adobe" file) to fix the "this file does not exist" error message. The message then no longer came up ... nothing came up at all. The program would not open. B) Pointing my directory to my C: drive ... this actually worked, but because all of my other programs are located in my D: drive (Again, because of limited storage on my SSD), every other program on my computer ceased to function. I had to restart my computer every time I wanted to use Creative Cloud. Absolutely ridiculous.


      After doing these things to no avail, I spent about three hours browsing forums, and then chatting with Adobe customer support. I was told that there was no way to fix my problem, and that my directories had to be set to my C: drive (Again, doing so broke all other programs.) How on earth is it that a leading design software company, with industry standard titles and worldwide influence, can't make an installer that works for people with separate drives for their operating system and their other programs!? I know that I'm not the only one with this problem ... there were many similar inquiries in the forums, and many others have separate SSDs for their Operating System while running programs on a larger hard drive.


      I know that it probably doesn't mean anything to Adobe ... but I am very, very disappointed. This issue has consumed hours and hours of my valuable time, with no fix in sight. I am forced to procure old, slow machines just so I can get my money's worth from my subscription, which cannot be refunded. Please provide a solution to this issue in the future. Additionally, if anyone actually got a system like mine to run Creative Cloud, please let me know how you did so.


      - Daniel F.

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          Okay, I found a solution! After taking a break from the issue, I went into my task manager, clicked on the Creative Cloud app, and opened the file location for every adobe program running in the background. (Despite Creative Cloud itself not opening, some processes still functioned.) I then copied each file, pasting them into their appropriate section of my D: drive. (Basically the same file path, just with a D: in front rather than a C:) After shutting off said background processes and restarting my computer, Creative Cloud launched just fine.


          All the hours and headache I spent on this could all have been avoided if I were simply allowed to choose my own file path in the future. Please add this basic feature to your installer.



          Daniel F.